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Achieving Excellence in RAIN RFID IC Attach Process

Webinar recorded on Thursday, February 8, 2024


The first step in the RAIN RFID smart label production process is to attach the RAIN IC (chip) to an antenna, creating an RFID inlay. Two components coming together - How hard can it be?

All the pioneers know just how difficult it used to be, but fortunately, technology has tremendously improved over the past 10 years. The IC attach process still includes numerous process variables that have an impact on the quality and performance of the inlay. The die size also continues to shrink, adding high-precision requirements for the manufacturing process. Achieving excellence in this industry requires multidiscipline expertise and close collaboration between IC, ACP, and machine vendors.

 In this webinar, our guest speakers from Impinj and Delo present an overview of the IC attach process, the variables affecting the inlay quality, and how IC manufacturing recipes can be used in the production process. We will also cover the main aspects of inline process monitoring and quality control. 


  • Introduction to smart label manufacturing process
  • IC attach process
  • Challenge: numerous process variables
  • Solution: IC manufacturing recipes
  • Process monitoring
  • Q&A


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Hannes Jehle
Product Manager

Hannes is based in DELO’s headquarters in Germany and leads a multidisciplinary team of engineers and developers. He is responsible for strategic developments of high-tech adhesives such as ACAs/ACPs for bonding RFID tag chips to inlay antennas. 




James Guzzo
Senior Vice President of Silicon Engineering, Impinj

Jim leads the Impinj organization that designs, tests, and delivers the industry leading Impinj RAIN RFID endpoint IC family (Tag chips) and Reader IC family of products. The group also delivers customer reference inlay antenna designs for Impinj Tag ICs. He initiated and leads the Impinj Tag IC industrialization group which ensures each new generation of Impinj End Point ICs (EPICs) can be assembled into high quality inlays at HVM production speeds before the new Tag chips are released to customers for sampling.  Jim is a 30 year veteran in IC development, having spent many years designing and leading the development of Intel Desktop and Xeon server microprocessors before joining the Impinj team.

Juho Partanen
VP of Industrial Partnerships, Voyantic

Juho is the co-founder of Voyantic and has 20 years of experience in RFID. Working currently as the VP of Industrial Partnerships, he combines technical, business and communication aspects to make RAIN technology easier to utilize across end user industries. As a true believer in the RAIN technology, he has been driving strategic initiatives and industry collaboration in ISO, GS1 and the RAIN Alliance.