Tagformance Pro provides a future-proof platform to build developments

The device comes with faster measurements, higher transmit power, improved sensitivity, and much more

Any existing software, accessories and measurements from the Lite can be transferred to the newer system. In addition to this, by upgrading the hardware you can unlock the following benefits:

  • Up to 70% faster: the same threshold sweep takes 26 seconds with the Lite and 9 seconds with the Pro
  • All-in-one device: unlike the Lite, Tagformance Pro can be used for both UHF and HF/NFC tag testing
  • Wider dynamic range: maximum output power increased to over +36 dBm radiated power
  • Extended wideband: from 700-1200 MHz to 600-1300MHz
  • Latest industry standards: future software functionalities will only be supported by the Tagformance Pro. For example, the latest ARC categories (e.g. H) will not be available on Lite devices
  • Network device: the Tagformance Pro can be used remotely from several PCs
Get 50% off for the Tagformance Pro

To upgrade your hardware to the Tagformance Pro at half price, you would return the old Lite device to Voyantic. Hardware licenses shall be purchased at the normal price. Consider also adding HF/NFC testing capabilities, and see if any new accessories or software features would be needed. Get started with the offer by requesting a quote in the form.

Keep your device up to date

In addition to the performance upgrades, a new Tagformance Pro arrives with

  • a calibration certificate that is valid for 12 months,
  • a 12 month warranty that covers hardware issues from normal use,
  • and the latest software version.

Note that the components in testing instruments need to be calibrated regularly to ensure accuracy and compliance. We recommend doing this once a year. Voyantic offers one time calibrations and a Maintenance Program to keep your devices up to date. Let us know in the form if are interested in these services and we will include them in the quote.

End of life for Tagformance Lite

Support and service for the Tagformance Lite is planned to continue at least until end of 2022. However, future software updates will only be compatible with the Tagformance Pro.