How Millions of Tyres are Source Tagged - Presentation at the Tyre Expo, September 8, 2021


How Millions of Tires are Source Tagged | Teemu Ainasoja, Voyantic and Randall Grein, Hana RFID

Nowadays you can take a specially designed tyre tag and bake it in a tyre. Getting this far wasn't simple. Hana Technologies and Voyantic will share a story of how the source tagging of tires was enabled, and how volumes of millions of tires with embedded tags were reached. A lot has been learned and developed on the way. Effects of tyre structure on RFID had to be understood. Suitable quality control methods had to be designed. New kind of production lines had to be built. And all the solutions had to be multiplied into production volumes. What were the keys to success? Fast forward to present times, and: just take a tag and bake it in a tyre!