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Tracking Tools with RAIN RFID

Challenges, Benefits and Best Practices

Date & Time
Recorded on Wednesday, June 5, 2024

Poor tool management can create inefficiencies and challenges for any operation relying on having the right tools and equipment when needed. 

Several tool manufacturers have started to tag tools with RAIN RFID tags for better inventory management, loss prevention, and accountability. Tools are very versatile groups of items they can be almost any size, contain metals and sometimes plastics, and are used in different ways. Tagging tools is a bigger effort than tagging retail items. 

In this webinar, our guest speakers from Xerafy and InThing address the various challenges, use cases, and benefits of tracking tools with RAIN RFID. We will also cover best practices for a tool tagging project and how to verify the RF performance of the tagged tools. 


  • Challenges, benefits, and use cases of RAIN RFID in tools
  • How to get it done: 
    • Setting specifications 
    • Tag selection, placement, encoding, and verification
  • Lessons learned: Typical challenges, what to take into account
  • The future of tool tagging
  • Q&A

Watch the webinar recording


Bhavik Ghaghada
Senior Sales and Solutions Manager
Bhavik is responsible for the Xerafy US business and has demonstrated great success in the tool tracking sector within the US region. Xerafy excels in RFID tool tracking for critical operations, preventing Foreign Object Debris (FOD) incidents and saving time. Their rugged and durable RFID tags have been used in critical industries such as aerospace, nuclear and automotive, providing efficient inventory management and cost reduction through lost tool prevention.
Rajiv Anand
Co-founder and CTO

Rajiv is co-founder and CTO of InThing in the Silicon Valley. InThings software platform and services provide location intelligence about goods and things accurately by leveraging RFID, and other location technologies, sophisticated pattern detection and AI/ML algorithms.



Teemu Ainasoja
Sales Director
Teemu has over 15 years of experience in the RFID industry in Europe and the USA. He has two master's degrees: in industrial engineering and marketing, and two patents in auto-ID technology. Teemu also actively participates in RAIN RFID Alliance activities.