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Live Webinar Series

RAIN RFID Encoding Essentials for Barcode Professionals

Demystifying RF waves  — Take the first steps to add RFID to your barcode portfolio and capabilities.

Dates: September 22 & October 6, 2021
Time: 9 am PDT / 12 pm EDT

The demand for RFID is growing, and the RFID wave is sweeping the shores of the barcode market as well. When a customer is asking for RFID, what are the critical aspects you need to know about the technology and what are the steps you need to take?

Join our two-part webinar series to learn the essentials of RAIN RFID data and encoding.

The webinars are co-organized by Voyantic and TSC Printronix Auto ID.  

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The Many Faces of Eco-friendly Tagging - Panel Discussion

In this webinar, the expert panelists from Stora Enso, Primo1D and Decathlon wrap their heads around the eco-aspects of RAIN RFID tagging. The varying life cycles of traceable items pose different requirements, depending on whether the items are consumables, garments or reusable assets. Is eco-friendly tagging more expensive, somehow more complicated, perhaps less performing or less durable?

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The Future of RAIN RFID Tag Design -How will tagging implementations change in the coming five years?

Watch this webinar to hear our panel of three industry experts identify and discuss trends and disruptions that will affect the RAIN RFID tag industry, and how tagging implementations will change in the coming five years. The panel will also discuss how to prepare and lead the development in the RAIN RFID industry.

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Quality Management Approaches in RAIN RFID and NFC Manufacturing

Hear industry experts share their experiences in RFID tag manufacturing and quality management. The webinar includes case examples and presentations  on how to set quality goals, which standards are relevant, and best practices for quality testing -- from setting up the quality program to managing the day-to-day activities. 

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